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Dear Clients,

We are moving to a new office location the last weekend of July. We will be closed for the move both Friday, July 29 and Monday, August 1, and will reopen in our new office on Tuesday, August 2.

The new office is located at...

100 SW 75th Street (Tower Rd)
Suite 106
Gainesville, 32607

It is less than a half mile south of Newberry Rd on Tower Rd.

Please call our new number 352-331-9344.

The handicapped spaces and ramp at the new location are far from our office, so you may need someone to help you get up the low curb if you want to park closer to us. (There are no steps). The Owners' Association of the office park is working on adding handicapped spaces and a ramp that are closer to our office.

Please bear with us during the moving period. There may be some disruptions in phone, fax, and scheduling, and things may be a bit chaotic for all of us as we settle into our new space and routines. Thank you for your patience.


Pilates (pronounced Pill-AH-teez) is an 95-year old system of movement education developed and taught by Joseph Pilates. Practiced for years by dancers in New York, the method is now growing in popularity nationwide as baby boomers turn to Pilates for relief from aches, pains, and injuries resulting from years of exercising -or simply years of living

Four basic pieces of equipment provide the total Pilates workout. Most of the exercises are designed to simulate normal functional movement. Slowly and carefully, with the assistance of lightweight springs, therapists work with clients to elongate muscles and improve spinal control. Pilates develops the body's core - those inner abdominal and mid-back muscles that act as the powerhouse of the body. Clients learn to initiate movement from this powerhouse, allowing their arms and legs to move fully on a stable spine. With time and practice strength increases, as do control, concentration, proper mechanics, fluidity, flexibility, and grace. Joints decompress, pain and stiffness decrease, and muscles gradually come alive, resulting in greater command of the body. Each session leaves the participant with a sense of well being, heightened body awareness, and improved self image.


Balanced Body Gainesville • Gainesville, Florida • (352) 331-9344