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Wellness clients usually have chronic problems which keep them from achieving easy, light, pain-free movement. They may have already had physical therapy, medical treatment, or surgery for illness, injury, or pain, but would like to achieve optimum wellness, given certain restrictions.

If you are a wellness client, a complete and thorough evaluation is performed by one of our physical therapists who will then work with you to address the problems that brought you to Balanced Body. The goals you set together may include increasing flexibility, reducing chronic pain, slowing the effects of aging, improving posture or becoming more coordinated and balanced in your usual activities. With time and practice strength increases, joints decompress, pain and stiffness decrease, and muscles gradually come alive, resulting in greater command of the body. The emphasis is always on light, pain-free and accurate movement during normal activities. You may eventually be able to join our small group classes. Beginning classes are prescriptive, carefully planned and supervised to ensure that each participant is monitored closely and experiences progress toward movement efficiency. Many of our clients continue in classes long after their goals have been achieved in private treatment.

Wellness sessions, because they address old or chronic concerns, even when conducted by physical therapists are usually not covered by insurance. If a physician feels a prescription is warranted, then you are probably a physical therapy client.     


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