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Tai Chi for Balance and Health

Why is a class like this so important? More than one-third of older adults fall each year. Falls are the leading cause of deaths and hospital admissions due to injury in older adults

Who needs Tai Chi for Balance? If you have a fear of falling, feel unsteady, can’t get up from a chair without using your hands, are taking smaller steps and not lifting your feet when you walk, or have already tripped, lost your balance, or fallen…you’re at risk for a fall and you need this class.


What’s Tai Chi? It’s an ancient Chinese form of exercise and meditation which has been shown to improve balance and reduce falls among older adults. Millions of people around the world and in this country participate in Tai Chi classes both for balance and other quality of life benefits (lower blood pressure, improved cardiovascular function, reduced stress). Our program is based on one developed by the NIH.

Tai Chi, Physical Therapy, and Pilates all address balance problems in their own way. Combined they are extremely effective in improving balance, strength, control, and postural awareness in weight-bearing/walking activities

The Instructor: Santiago “Chagui” Casanova, PT, is a Pilates-trained physical therapist with over 23 years of experience in geriatric physical therapy and a martial arts expert and instructor for almost 30 years.

Days/Time: Classes are held each Tuesday and Friday from 9AM - 10AM. Class size is limited to 10.

Fees: For significant improvement in balance we recommend regularly attending two classes per week for 12 weeks. Classes are $15 each, sold only by the month.


  • A 20- minute balance evaluation ($20 fee) prior to first class
  • Completion of a health questionnaire.
  • Must be able to stand for 30 minutes or more without the use of a cane or walker.



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