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Pilates-based physical therapy is more efficient and can be accomplished in less time than traditional therapy. It focuses on treating the whole body, not just the part that has the problem. Because the abdominal and back muscles are always strengthened in the course of treatment, patients who are discharged from our service are much stronger and more flexible, so are less likely to reinjure themselves. If you have an illness which affects balance, coordination, strength, energy or pain levels, or body image, Pilates-based physical therapy is ideally suited to address any and all of these issues with each session.

If you are a physical therapy patient, on your initial visit to Balanced Body a thorough evaluation is performed, including an integrated functional, joint, and soft tissue examination. If you have a physician's order for physical therapy, the therapist will convey her findings to both you and your doctor and develop a Pilates-based plan of care which will address them. You may, if you wish, come in on your own for a problem you would like evaluated. If the therapist concurs that you have a treatable physical therapy problem, we will help you obtain a physician's order within 21 days of your evaluation.

Most patients receive therapy twice a week anywhere from 3-12 weeks. Many continue to be seen for months. If you have ever experienced traditional physical therapy, you will notice immediately that things are very different at Balanced Body. Typically you are seen by one primary therapist for almost an hour of treatment. Therapy is performed entirely on our Pilates equipment, which, being spring-assisted, is more efficient, yet gentler and much less painful. Everything is carefully explained, and the atmosphere is calm and restful, allowing the therapist and you to focus on making you well. Patients can also join classes once they have been discharged from therapy.


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