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By now you’re probably excited about Pilates and anxious to see what it’s about. The first step is to call Balanced Body in Gainesville at 352-331-9344 Monday through Friday. Because there are only a handful of Pilates-trained physical therapists in the country, the demand for our therapists' time is growing.

We, therefore, try really hard to make sure that new patients really want to be here and understand our insurance and billing policies. When you call us to schedule an appointment for an Initial Evaluation or Screening we ask you to come in to see our studio first, if at all possible, at which time you may fill out our health questionnaire, review our policies, then confirm in person the appointment you may have made by phone. If you cannot come in before your appointment, you may download our forms or we will mail them to you and ask that you return them to us prior to or at the time of your appointment. Once you make an appointment, please make every effort to keep it. Our therapists depend on scheduled appointments for their income, and it is extremely difficult to fill a slot that may have been cancelled at the last moment.



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